Podology, also known as a Medical Pedicure, is the latest trend in the world of podiatry.

It combines a full and luxurious medical treatment of your feet with extensive foot pampering. The perfect choice for anyone who desires the very best treatment for their feet. To look and feel as well-groomed as possible.

Medical Pedicures. A specialist treatment aimed to alleviate and ultimately cure skin changes of the feet and nails.


Patients whose feet are affected by; warts cracked heels, calluses, ingrown toenails or ringworm. Or anyone wishing to treat their feet professionally.

A podiatry consultation precedes Medical Pedicure treatments. During which your podologist evaluates the condition of your feet visually, then selects the appropriate treatment method.

When you have regular Medical Pedicures, it allows your feet to remain in good health at all times. Reducing the possibility of unhealthy changes to a minimum.

The appearance of cracked heels is persistent, can make you feel self-aware and can be painful. During the initial stages, cracking of the heels manifests by what we call a heavily thickened stratum corneum (roughness and flakiness). It can be very hard to effectively treat this on your own.

Treating the hard skin on the foot’s heel involves removing such thickened, dead skin by using a milling machine. After removing hyperkeratoses, thorough purification and development of changes with antiseptic principles, a mask with a medicinal preparation is applied to moisten and relieve irritation.

The treatment is usually repeated every two to four weeks for best results.

The results depend not only on the skill and expertise of the podologist. But also on the patient’s regularity in the use of preparations recommended by the clinician.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Ingrown nails are a painful complaint. In the instance of ingrown nails, when the nail plate sticks to the soft tissue of the nail shaft. This can happen through mechanical injury, infections, practising certain sports, incorrect, too deep clipping of the nail, and wearing ill-fitting footwear. Genetic predisposition may also be the cause of this ailment. Transverse flat feet and bunions. In the science of podiatry, the patient can get advice on the correct and effective treatment of ingrown nails. It is not always associated with surgical treatment – less invasive methods, such as tamponade, wire, metal and plastic clamps, are also known.

Of course, prints are changes characterised by a clearly delimited focal point with a hard-core that penetrates the living layers of the epidermis and into the dermis. The impressions can be very painful because the core created causes pressure on the nerve endings. The fingerprints are professionally removed using a special vacuum cutter. Then, using a milling machine, the surface of the developed changes is smoothed and disinfected. We secure the prepared area with an appropriate care agent, applying the dressing to relieve the exposed area from further compression. And calluses are changes related to the stratum corneum, most commonly seen in the plantar area of ​​the feet, on the fingers, and the inside of the hand. The calluses are formed due to long-lasting friction and pressure, for example, by elements of badly fitting footwear or irritation through the joints and bones of adjacent fingers.

Wart removal requires proper diagnosis and the use of specialised treatment, therefore it is very important that all treatments are performed by a qualified podologist. It is advisable to use conservative treatment with the use of silver or a preparation with lactic acid. Removal of warts is possible in both adults and children and is carried out under sterile conditions and if well done can be painless.

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