Gosia Madej – Cosmetology – Facial Secrets

Gosia is our in-house cosmetologist at the Facial Secrets Clinic, Torbay. With 21+ years of experience and a University of Health, Care and Beauty graduate.

She is continually developing skills, knowledge and expanding her horizons through numerous educational courses and training.

Her acquired expertise in the field of Health and Beauty Care allows her ability to perform a wide spectrum of treatments with a special interest in:

Gosia is also highly experienced in our unique Cavitation Body Slimming treatment, which is accompanied by a unique technique of massaging the muscles, which provide exceptional lifting, toning and firming effects for both face and body.

Recently, Gosia expanded her knowledge into Permanent Makeup. The various types and techniques, including eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, scars, stretch marks, and Scalp Pigmentation, which is the tattooing of the skin of the head to make a visual effect denser and thicker hair when desired.

Gosia has a unique ability to combine a very individual approach to every patient with the highest level of professionalism, perfectionism and sensitivity. 

She has always believed in bringing out the natural beauty in people of all ages. She believes that caring for both face and body is about a beautiful look also physical and mental health. The greatest motivation and inspiration for her work are always happy and satisfied customers.

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